New Wilco Song

Heard the new Wilco song on the radio yesterday, and am really digging it. I’m slightly biased, as I think there’s a case to be made that Wilco — their longevity, the diversity of their material, the uniform quality of that material — is the greatest American-born rock band ever.

Anyway, here’s a youtube of it I found:

Hopefully the new album is as good as this track suggests.



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5 responses to “New Wilco Song

  • zanoj

    Listened to it on the patio; red wine; darkish out; lightening bugs; the dog; the macbook pro…I may have focused too hard on the drums, which on the macbook sounded like a cymbals, no slam couldn’t get past it.

    In regards to Wilco being the greatest american band ever…I don’t know.

    • zanoj

      Killers (yes Eric Lutz, The Killers)
      Cheap Trick
      Nirvana (longevity is overrated)
      wilco (still don’t know)

      • Eric Lutz

        I think the case for Wilco hinges on three things: (1) not necessarily their longevity alone, but how, over that time, they haven’t been repetitive or overly reliant on their previous success, the way some bands do as they approach their 18th year in existence; (2) the sequence, on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, of “Jesus, Etc”, “Ashes of American Flags”, and “Heavy Metal Drummer”; (3) the opening track on each of their albums.

        Great cases to be made for each of those bands you listed, particularly the Replacements and Nirvana.

  • Eric Lutz

    Lots of time spent listening to “Tim” and “Pleased to Meet Me,” in particular.

  • Paige

    love the song! thanks 🙂

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