Of Wizards, I Sing! Of Pop Punk, I Sing!

Last night marked the end of two eras: the conclusion to Harry Potter, and the end of Chicago alternative station, Q101. As they probably did for many, these two eras dovetailed. Often times, I’d be reading the latest Harry Potter book while rocking out to the latest New Found Glory song. I think people are pretty bummed about both coming to an end, not just because they’re important cultural institutions (OK, one more so than the other), but because Ends of Eras always make us feel a little older than we actually are. Which is dumb, because it’s pretty damn hard to feel old when you’re at a midnight showing dressed as Harry Potter.

This week I head to Battle Creek, MI, to cover a story. I’m looking forward to hopefully getting some free cereal (Kellogg’s based there; I’m sure they hand out Corn Flakes on the streets) and buying Kid Rock’s “Badass” beer. I would never buy a Kid Rock album, but God help me, I kind of like the guy. And if he’s got his own brand of beer, well, I’m sure it’ll make for an interesting conversation piece.


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