Monthly Archives: October 2011

Witching Hour

Have spent the past hour handing out candy to kids in my neighborhood. Boy I miss being able to do that. Having to walk around all night lugging a pillowcase around. You used to have to do some work to get the candy. When you’re the candy-hander-outer, all you need to do if you want a Reese’s is to reach into the bowl between brigades of kids. I’m typing this during one such break now, my mouth stuffed with chocolate. So much for the 4 miles I ran today.


Anyone Else Think This Is Really Sort of Bad?

So the Tribune now has posted a ranking, based on a poll some social networking site I’ve never heard of conducted, that describes what people think the Coolest and Least Cool nationalities are.

The obvious question: Does that seem a little, I don’t know, insensitive? Wrong? It’s a non-issue, clearly; don’t think I’m stirruping into my high horse. It’s more just — weird?,0,3404918.photogallery

America came in as Coolest nationality. Least Cool? Sorry Belgians! You lame-o’s! You’re even worse than the Poles and Turks (2 and 3, disrespectively)! Ha…ha-ha. Hmm.